"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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This room is meant for grieving children to share difficult times and sorrows. They are allowed to say anything and what is said there is kept confidential among themselves as a rule. The shape of the room and sofas are designed to be circular so that one can see all participant's faces, thus, harmony and unity can be achieved.

There is a sandbag hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room. The walls and floor are covered with thick, soft padding for safety. This is used for the children to release pent up stress and energy without hurting themselves, others, or their surroundings.

In this room, there are color-pencils, crayons, paints, paper, clay, and origami(folding) paper for the children to express their thoughts and emotions. They can draw anything they wish. They can do it at the table or lying down on the floor. We do not evaluate the pictures they draw. This is an effective program especially for children having a difficult time expressing themselves in words.

This room is where they can cry, think, or even talk to a picture of someone dear that is now dead.

Children, mostly under 6 years old, can express their emotions through role-playing. They pretend or disguise themselves using wigs, glasses and costumes, and they play the role of a doctors, firefighters and rescue workers. They play an earthquake game using a model of a town and houses. Using a toy phone, they play with telephones, speaking with dad or mom in heaven. They play a funeral, burying a small doll in the sandbox. There are other toys such as ambulances and police cars.

This room is where they can express their emotions and feelings by playing musical instruments and singing. There are guitars, pianos, drums, and recorders.

This room is used for interviews with psychiatrists or counselors. They can talk with someone, have a drink there, and know someone cares about them and they are not alone.