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Our future

Ashinaga: The Next 100 Years
Focus on Africa
~Educating future leaders to reduce poverty in Africa~

Ashinaga was named after a popular 1912 American novel, “Daddy-Long-Legs,” by Jean Webster. In order to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by families that lose a parent, as well as obtain backing for expanding our support for children outside Japan, we are currently formulating plans for a project to commemorate the 100th anniversary—in 2012—of the novel. One of our goals is to increase the number of orphaned students from developing countries who have the opportunity to obtain higher education, and to this end we are working to expand our presence overseas and build partner relationships with both public and private entities. Our first target is Africa, working from our base in Uganda (Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House). We will encourage people around the world to join hands and provide orphans in Africa with the opportunity to obtain higher education, and in this way address critical poverty and leadership issues faced by the continent. Ashinaga expects to raise funds from around the world to support study-abroad programs in Japan, the United States, and other countries; we will also work to promote solidarity among the estimated 200 million orphans worldwide.


  • To construct a residential facility in Uganda, called “Ashinaga Africa Kokoro Juku” (“School of Hearts”), for orphaned students from 48 Sub-Saharan countries.
  • To provide the opportunity to obtain secondary education to orphaned students who will reside at this residential facility and complete their secondary education at secondary schools in Uganda.
  • To provide the opportunity for these orphans to study at universities around the world.
  • To develop future leaders who will return to their home countries after graduating from overseas universities, and contribute to solving the problem of poverty in Africa.
  • To increase the number of “Ashinaga-san” (anonymous donors) around the world.

Education focus

  1. Moral/ethical education: Implemented at Ashinaga Africa Kokoro Juku residential facility.
  2. Secondary education: Attendance at local secondary schools and completion of secondary education.
  3. Overseas education: Study abroad at universities around the world.

Project overview

Ashinaga Africa Kokoro Juku residential facility for orphaned secondary school students

  • Opening in December 2012
  • 2012→23 students: 5 from Japan, 10 from Uganda, 8 from East African countries
  • 2013→46 students: 10 from Japan, 20 from Uganda, 16 from East African countries
  • 2015→23 students study abroad at universities around the world

Students will attend a local secondary school while living at Ashinaga Africa Kokoro Juku for 2 years, after which they will take the UACE and complete secondary education. At the same time, these students will receive special training related to TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, and other exams necessary to gain admission to universities around the world.

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