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Q:Where does the name "Ashinaga" come from?

A:Please see Who we are

Q:What is Ashinaga’s philosophy?

A:Please see Philosophy

Q:Is Ashinaga a religious organization?

A:No. Ashinaga does not favor any particular religion or political party.

Q:What is Ashinaga’s mission?

A:Please see Mission

Q:What exactly does Ashinaga do?

A:Please see Programs

Q:I’ve heard of the “Rainbow House,” but what is it?

A:Please see “Rainbow Houses”

Q:Where does your funding come from?

A:Please see Our supporters

Q:How do I make a donation?

A:Please see Donations

Q:Are donations tax-deductible?

A:No. Donations to Ashinaga are not eligible for special tax treatment.

Q:I would like more information on your finances.

A:Please see Financial report

Q:What are you doing in Africa?

A:Please see Africa: 100-Year Vision

Q:How do you support orphans?

A:Please see Programs

Q:I want to volunteer.

A:Please contact us via the following link: Contact us

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