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Emergency fundraising campaign benefits Haiti earthquake orphans ☆Donate now via Japan Post Bank or credit card!☆

2010/02/02 [Activity report:Overseas]

Tokyo executive committee chair Rahmat, of Indonesia, who lost his mother and brother in the Sumatra earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami disaster five years ago, and who now attends Waseda University with Ashinaga support, noted, “After I lost my mother and brother in the earthquake and tsunami, Ashinaga helped me in many ways. We hope that this fundraising campaign will enable us to support children in Haiti who have lost parents as a result of the earthquake. I also hope that many Japanese people will support us in these efforts.”

From 2000 to 2007, Ashinaga conducted a total of eight international exchange events (summer camps) in Japan for orphans of earthquakes, wars, and other disasters overseas. Camps focused on the emotional and psychological care of the children, and allowed both Japanese orphans and those from overseas to interact and share their experiences.

In order to support orphaned children in Haiti, Ashinaga plans to work with local Haiti NGOs and the government in order to coordinate an “emotional rescue delegation” to Haiti in the spring. The delegation will deliver funds raised in Japan and provide emotional support based on Ashinaga’s 15 years of experience in caring for bereaved children after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, similar to how Ashinaga orphans of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake organized a fundraising campaign and delegation to Sichuan Province in China, after the 2008 earthquake there. Ashinaga earnestly hopes that Haiti’s orphaned children will soon be able to regain their smiles.

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☆Campaign Details☆
Donations may be made as follows
Via Japan Post Bank: “Ashinaga kaigai iji kokoro no shienguchi” (Please indicate “for Haiti campaign” in the “notes” area.)
Account number 00190-9-559337
Via credit card: Access the form here (Please note that the form is currently only available in Japanese. Where it asks for “name in kanji,” please enter your name in roman letters, and in the spaces for furigana, please enter your name in katakana.)

Use of funds
All donations will go toward supporting earthquake orphans in Haiti, either via aid organizations that support orphans in Haiti, or in collaboration with local government agencies.

For more information, please call the Ashinaga International Department (03-3221-0888).

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