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Educational support for African children who have lost parents

  Today, the implementation of educational support for African children who have lost parents is one of the Ashinaga movement’s central projects. Ultimately, the project aims to liberate bereaved children in Africa from the chains of poverty and provide them with the education that they require to return to their homes as leaders in the fight against poverty, corruption, and exploitation.

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The Tohoku Rainbow House Projrect

 On April 11, 2011, Ashinaga established an office in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture to construct Rainbow Houses along the coast devastated by the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Like other Ashinaga Rainbow Houses, these new facilities in the Tohoku region will provide psychological and emotional care to children who have lost parents in the catastrophe. To learn more about the project:

Updates on the construction of the Tohoku Rainbow House

Student Loans for Children who have lost parents in Japan

 Ashinaga supports children who have lost parents who wish to go to high school, college, university, or vocational schools by providing scholarships in the form of interest-free loans.

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Ashinaga Kokoro Juku residential facilities

 Ashinaga Kokoro Juku residential facilities: To support children in their dream of advancing to college, Ashinaga established "Kokoro Juku" ("School of Hearts") residential facilities in both Tokyo and Kobe.

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International Summer Camp for Children who have lost parents

 International Summer Camp for children who have lost parents: From 2000 to 2007, Ashinaga hosted a number of children who have lost children from around the world at the International Summer Camps for them. At these camps, children from similar backgrounds had the chance to meet and talk about their experiences.

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Summer camps for Ashinaga Student Loan Recipients:

 Summer camps for Ashinaga student loan recipients: Ashinaga holds summer camps for children who have lost parents each year at 10 different venues across Japan. At the camps, children with similar histories spend time together and share their experiences while playing games and sports in an accepting atmosphere.

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"Rainbow Houses"

 The Kobe and Tokyo "Rainbow Houses" were built as places of healing, which children can visit to play and share their feelings with other children who have lost parents and trained staff.

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Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House

 Approximately 800 registered children have lost parents due to HIV/AIDS regularly visit the Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House to play, talk, and receive psychosocial support, while some 50 children have lost parents due to HIV/AIDS study basic academic skills at Terakoya on a daily basis.

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