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Scholarships for International Students

 Ashinaga received multiple donations from overseas in support of its efforts to help children who have lost parents by the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Kobe in 1995, Ashinaga has received multiple donations from abroad. In turn, Ashinaga has been working to help children in countries outside Japan since 2000. One program brought a total of 436 children who have lost parents from 21 countries to Japan to participate in summer camps from 2000 to 2007.. In keeping with our belief that educating and supporting future leaders in developing countries is crucial to eliminating poverty in those countries, Ashinaga initiated programs in 2006 to support overseas children who have lost parents in furthering their education at Japanese universities. 

We currently sponsor 13 international students who come from Uganda; Aceh, Indonesia; Sri Lanka; Haiti; Iraq; and Afghanistan, and anticipate bringing more students to Japan in the future. Ashinaga's future plans call for establishing higher education opportunities for children who have lost parents in Sub-Saharan Africa. Please see "Educational support for African children who have lost parents" for more details.

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