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Hiroe Nakada

Hiroe Nakada

Assistant Director, Ashinaga UK

I studied education at university and was interested in pursuing a career in the non-profit sector, so I contacted Ashinaga in 2013 to ask if I could intern with them. Before I knew it, I was in a meeting with President Tamai and he convinced me to attend the university tsudoi that was happening in a few weeks’ time. The more I became involved, the sooner I realized the scale of impact Ashinaga has on our society. I was also impressed by the vibrant energy within the organization, among both staff and students. I ended up leaving the internship after a year but remained in contact with Ashinaga staff and was able to continue helping out with some projects here and there. After realizing that my first job was not fulfilling my desire to work for an organization with a socially-oriented vision, I was naturally drawn back to Ashinaga and officially became a staff member in April 2016.

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