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Benin – Mirabelle


Home Country: Benin Country of Study: France Undergraduate Degree: Biotechnology

AAI Scholar, Mirabelle, started a blog called “Bloguons Afrique.” Her goal is to talk about all the ignored dimensions of Africa and what makes the continent rich and beautiful. “By creating my blog, I gained a lot of skills that I was not aware of. Since I am alone on this project, I had to figure out all the steps and requirements to create a website. To make everything right, I take a lot of time and reflection to choose a topic, structure an article to keep the reader’s attention while being credible,” she says. Her ambition is to promote and celebrate the existence of African culture in the world.  “I would like people to also think of Africa as a wonderful destination for vacations. Of course, there are problems and challenges in Africa. But all the initiatives that are positively changing the situation should be known to change the mentalities and reach our full independence. The future of Africa is in African’s hands.” 
Check out her blog, here: https://bloguonsafrique.fr/ 

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