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Ghana – Sena


University: University of Westminster Degree Course: Bachelor of Laws, LLB Honours Graduated: July 2020 Internship: Sena has interned at the Human Rights Advocacy Centre in Ghana, Lewis Silkin law firm in London and Chavasse Court Chambers in Liverpool,UK.

Future Ambition: Sena’s goal is to assist in successfully integrating children from Residential Care Homes into families.  She is particularly interested in Family Law because she believes that a healthy family nurtures children, who can, in turn, be of value to their society in the future. After graduation, Sena hopes to pursue an LLM at the University of Westminster and become a solicitor to practice and advocate for orphaned children’s rights. She aims to return to Ghana to specialize in supporting children in their adoption journey and to educate parents on their responsibilities in every child’s upbringing.  Sena’s exposure to higher education, upon receiving financial support from Ashinaga, has given her a sense of gratitude that inspires her to support children in care by making it her life’s priority.

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