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Ashinaga Association in the UK is building on its expertise in international student support and leadership development to deliver bespoke Leadership Development Programming to universities.


The programme can be tailored to meet universities’ specific needs and schedule, and students’ unique profiles. It can include: orientation conferences; thematic workshops; activity booklets; 1-on-1 coaching for students; flexible virtual/on-campus options.


Support your students’ holistic development and offer them the springboard they need to fulfil their potential and become leaders in their chosen field.

Leadership Programme Benefits

  • Improve student recruitment and attract excellent international applicants
  • Reinforce your university’s reputation and stand out as an institution that helps students develop holistically beyond academic support
  • Increase student employability by cultivating core leadership and personal skills
  • Build a powerful sense community by delivering engaging workshops for students and alumni

Student Feedback

This programming has been successfully delivered to:

420 students, from 87 countries, enrolled in 115 university courses

  • 98% of participants recommend the programme to international applicants
  • 94% said that the programme improved their experience as an international scholar
  • 98% felt more confident regarding their capacity to act with determination
  • 96% felt that the skills developed in the programme will help them transition to the next chapter of their lives (employment, further study, or other activities)
  • 98% felt more confident regarding how they can cultivate mental clarity and well-being *


* From a survey conducted amongst participating scholars from the University of Bristol, UK.


“I was very impressed by the online orientation event, and I made a conscious effort to cultivate a focused and stable mind. In the past, I realised that I was frequently falling into the trap of pursuing an incorrect research direction for an extended period of time. I began by recognising it, and since then, I’ve been attempting to take a step back and refine my goal in a piece of work. Although, I continue to make mistakes, I think they are reasonable and I have seen a change in the way I work.”

(Evangelia’s experience of trying exercises to “Develop a Focused and Stable Mind”)

“I have started to overcome small fears and I just go for it. It made me realise that I have nothing to lose in taking action and if anything, I gain something out of it.”

(Luckshana, regarding “Developing the Determination to Act”)

“I’ve been slowly filling out my core values and it’s very helpful to write them down because it makes them feel a lot more definitive and I find myself acting more along those lines than I did before. I’ve also tried the focus on an object activity and it’s been much more difficult but I’m determined to keep trying.”

(Anushka, who focused on “Developing Enthusiasm & Clarity”)

“I have been reflecting on my comfort zone and have been trying to continuously take up opportunities that lay outside my comfort zone. I feel like this has been very beneficial for my personal development and confidence in new situations.”

(Carla, sharing their experience after trying “Growth Mindset” activities)

“I loved the opportunity to meet other scholars and learn from their experiences. It was inspiring to hear from such qualified and intelligent speakers. I have always been unsure of my purpose, but this session has taught me not only that I need to find mine, but it has shown me how to do it. I am going to be in a leadership position next year at the SU, as the chair of the international students network. This is the first time I would be in charge or so many people, and this workshop has given me many skills that I will soon be implementing. I really needed to learn many of the things discussed today, so I am extremely grateful for this workshop.”

(Anonymous workshop participant)

“I genuinely left the programme feeling special and ready to take on any challenge coming my way. It is always nice to have reassurances, and the programme certainly gave me those.”

(Anonymous workshop participant)

“The innovative ways of interpretations for future objectives. A lot of important topics that aren’t taught in classes were talked about and improved (well-being, insecurity).”

(The thing one anonymous workshop participant appreciated the most)

“The opportunity we’re given to grow as people rather than it being geared towards academic excellence specifically. It makes it a more rewarding and personal experience.”

(Something one anonymous workshop participant appreciated in particular)

“I felt valued and respected. I was super happy to meet people from other countries who have similar goals like mine. I feel much more confident about myself. I felt belonged and inspired. The workshop has changed my perspective about many things.”

(Anonymous workshop participant)

“The programme was well designed looking at all aspects an International student might have to deal with. It was engaging and interactive which made it more interesting and fun! This feels like a new beginning for me, I have an emotion I am carrying from this workshop which makes me feel I can do wonders.”

(Anonymous workshop participant)

Feedback from the University of Bristol

“Colleagues across the University of Bristol have been incredibly happy with how the programme has gone this year. As a longstanding partner to Ashinaga, we knew that working with you would be easy, however we have been blown away with your professionalism, expertise and efficiency throughout the year.


We were very pleased with the leadership handbook; both in terms of how it looked but importantly also the content inside. Ashinaga colleagues did a great job of distilling our Think Big values into the five qualities introduced in the handbook alongside engaging activities around it. Ashinaga were incredibly responsive to honouring scholars’ preferences around how best to engage and interact throughout the leadership programme.”

Young man speaking into a microphone. Other young men and women sitting at a table near him, listening.

More Information

Please contact Ashinaga UK’s Director, Jordan McFarlane via partnerships.uk@ashinaga.org for more information.

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