3. Educational activity for the primary school scholars of Ashinaga Senegal

Educational activity for the primary school scholars of Ashinaga Senegal

Senegal 2018.01.22

As part of its primary school scholarship program, Ashinaga Senegal collaborated with the association Djarama to organise an educational activity on the theme “Learning how to live in our daily environment”. The scholars spent two days 50 km away from the Senegalese capital, in Ndayane in the region of Thiès, as part of a great adventure that allowed them to discover a new natural environment.



The activity started with a session to raise children’s awareness about the importance of good handwashing practices. Then came a theatre workshop that utilised plastic waste in a creative way in order to understand its environmental consequences. Plastic waste, including plastic bags,  is found in enormous quantities in nature, very often thrown away or transported by wind. To capture the children’s attention, they were asked to collect plastic waste from their homes and bring it with them. From there, they personified the waste by giving it life on stage.

This was an opportunity to educate the children about respect for and the protection of the environment. Within this perspective of learning through creative expression, a drawing workshop was also organised to the great pleasure of children, who were able to use their imagination with drawings of their environment.

At the end of the second day, all the Ashinaga scholars received gifts from the students at association Djarama and expressed their excitement to participate in the next Ashinaga Senegal activity in March.



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