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The journey of healing for a bereaved child is a delicate and transformative process. At Ashinaga, we stand as a beacon of support dedicated to guiding these resilient children toward a future imbued with hope, strength, and leadership.


The Care program provides psychosocial support to approximately 1000 children, helping them to navigate their life challenges and view the world through a new perspective. The program is built upon theories related to Childhood and Adolescent Development, specifically Eric Erickson’s Stages of Childhood Development theory.


The program takes place on Saturdays and is held roughly 40 times a year. The Care Program is divided into three groups: lower primary, upper primary, and secondary-school-aged children. A different group will attend the program each Saturday and work on a different theme.


The activities done at Care are centered around three essential psychosocial themes: ‘My Self,’ ‘My Peers,’ and ‘My Community’. These three themes guide students from exploring their inner selves to fostering a sense of belonging within a community. In the “My Self” phase, our focus is on cultivating confidence and self-awareness among students. Transitioning to the “My Peers” themes, we encouraged students to apply their self-discoveries in establishing healthy connections with others, emphasizing the importance of building positive relationships. Lastly, the themes associated with “My Community” enable students to comprehend their role in the world and discover ways to contribute to its improvement.


In the Care Program, children and adolescents cultivate vital life skills and are equipped to thrive and navigate dynamic environments. The psychosocial support given seeks to empower students with the resources to reshape their lives and lead a life filled with fulfillment.

Outings and Camps

Ashinaga’s registered children rarely have the chance to leave their hometown of Nansana. During the first-term holiday, we hold an outing for primary-school-aged children once a year as part of the Care program. This is an opportunity for students to explore new places, learn different subjects, and make unforgettable memories.


Each year, we take approximately 180 children to a different place in the central region of Uganda. During the outings, the morning is spent doing educational activities, such as learning about factory manufacturing processes and other farming techniques, zoo tours, Lake Victoria tours, and River Nile tours. After the morning program, children enjoy lunch and do recreational and bonding activities.


One of the students shared her experience:  We went to the Source of the River Nile in Jinja, where I learned about various water animals like catfish, tilapia, and crocodiles. Driving to Jinja was amazing because I had never traveled that far before. Thank you so much, Ashinaga, for the Outing.”

Female primary school student, age 12



During the second-term holiday, Ashinaga Uganda holds a four-day camp for teenagers. The camps occur in different districts of Uganda, and approximately 75 teenagers participate every year.


Yearly, the Leadership Camp program is tailored around students’ psychosocial needs assessments conducted during Care Program activities. In 2023, the Camp took place in the Rubirizi District in Western Uganda and addressed needs related to career development, interpersonal skills, and building confidence. The objective of the Leadership Camp is to equip teenagers with essential tools and skills, enabling them to navigate life’s challenges. We aim for each teenager to transition into adulthood with a well-defined purpose and compassionate heart.


A participant shared his feedback from the Camp: The leadership camp to Rubirizi was joyful, educative, and highly memorable. I want to thank all the staff for what they have done and hope God blesses them abundantly.” Male secondary student, age 17.

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