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Since 1995, Ashinaga has sent more than 300 Japanese university students abroad on one-year training programs. Ashinaga’s program gives an international experience that will have lasting benefits throughout their lives. The Uganda Training Program lasts one year and provides participants with a life-changing experience.


Ashinaga Uganda is responsible for hosting some of these exchange students every year. The Uganda Training Program lasts one year and provides participants with a life-changing experience. Throughout the year, students work and learn alongside Ashinaga staff at the Ashinaga Rainbow House, supporting the Ugandan children who study there.  Students in this program have the opportunity to develop their projects related to their social interests and improve their English and communication skills.
Shoya and Nao, participants of the 20th Uganda Training Program, shared their experiences:

Shoya’s Experience in Uganda

“My dream is to be involved in the business of international cooperation. Then, to see the real situation in a developing country, I decided to apply 20th Ashinaga overseas program.
Mainly, I’m doing two kinds of activities to achieve my goal. First, I’m staying at their home to see how they conduct their daily life. Second, I’m visiting some schools to understand the actual situation in terms of education.
Through those two activities, I gained many experiences and knowledge.
First of all, those things are different from what I’ve done in Japan. For example, when they get sick or decrease their income because of climate change or war, they cannot conduct even their basic usual life. It means their children cannot go to school and need to take care of their younger sister/brother while doing chores. I felt how vulnerable their life is. On the other hand,  there are highly educated schools and companies which are well organized and performing great results. Moreover, those people and students are working so hard. Although those opportunities are limited, which is one of the biggest assignments in Africa, I think such kind of people or group is the one who is going to give beneficial affection to Africa by spreading the circle to get those chances.
To sum up, it broadened my mind and cleared my vision slowly to know the actual situation in Uganda and interact with local people. I’m feeling my goal is being achieved day by day. After going back to Japan, I’ll utilize those experiences or knowledge in my school life at my university and career”.


Shoya, Uganda Training Program participant


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