"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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Kokoro(heart) Jyuku (ASHINAGA Student Residence) and ASHINAGA Tokyo Rainbow House

In Tokyo, ASHINAGA has its own facility for orphan children called ASHINAGA Kokoro Jyuku and Tokyo Rainbow House. They stand next to each other in the same premise. ASHINAGA Kokoro Jyuku is a student residence that can accomodate up to 200 not only Japanese but also overseas orphan student such as AIDS orphan students from Uganda.
For orphan students it is not only tuition but also living costs that prevent them from going to school. This is why ASHINAGA provides orphan students a residence as well as scholarship.

Tokyo Rainbow House(due in 2006) is intended to be a day care center that provides emotional support for orphans. We wish Tokyo Rainbow House to be a model for day care establishments in Japan. We hope that our spirit will spread throughout Japan.

Why is Tokyo Rainbow House necessary?

It is important for orphans who have just lost their loved one(s) to receive continuous and daily emotional support. Having a place to release emotions is very important and finding emotional support in families and schools is not easy. There always are facilitators who can support orphans at Tokyo Rainbow House.

The Dougy Center in Portland, Oregon was built in 1983. It is a day care center that provides emotional support for orphans. In the United States, there are now more than 200 houses like the Dougy Center.
We at ASHINAGA would like to be the "Dougy Center" of Japan. We hope to build a day care center in the middle of Tokyo and then have other organizations copy the model and build similar centers throughout Japan. We also plan to provide training to staff members at Tokyo Rainbow House.