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The 2017 Ashinaga Africa Initiative scholarship application is now open!

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative mission is to contribute to Sub-Saharan Africa’s expanding role in global development by increasing access to higher education abroad. We support orphaned students who are committed to returning home and initiating change by providing full financial support for studying at university abroad (equivalent to an undergraduate degree). This will include tuition, accommodation, travel costs and other necessary fees.


Newsflash! President Tamai Gives Speech At the Japanese Government-sponsored Reception for TICAD VI. Ashinaga’s 15 years of Support for Orphans in Africa Met with Positive Recognition from Around the World.

NAIROBI, Kenya - On August 27th (local time), the Japanese government-sponsored reception was held on the second day of TICAD VI (6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development). Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe opened the reception with introducing Ashinaga. “It is my pleasure to present the following dance by Ashinaga Uganda Terakoya Kids, a program supported by Ashinaga, who’s President is the second Japanese person to be awarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal Award”. It was an extremely joyful moment as achievements in supporting AIDS orphans in Uganda as well as successful launch for the Ashinaga Africa Initiative, our program for sending orphans from Sub-Sahara Africa to universities around the world, was met with positive recognition.

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