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President Tamai is featured in the ‘People’ column of Asahi Shimbun!

Ashinaga supports orphans from traffic accidents, disasters and disease and recently also orphans in Africa. “We want to give back and address the AIDS problem.” Based on that desire expressed by former scholarship recipients, the organization launched the Global Ashinaga Movement from this year. The plan is to collect donations worldwide and use the funds for African orphans to study at universities overseas. (Excerp of the article)


The Graduation Ceremony at Ashinaga Kokoro Juku

The 11th graduation ceremony of Kokoro Juku, an Ashinaga scholarship students’ dormitory (Mogusa, Hino city, Tokyo), was held in February 15th with fully bloomed red camellias in its garden. Fourteen college students including one international student from Turkey, Elif Gokdemir, received diplomas and framed cards saying “Altruistic Heart” which were written by Mr. Tamai.

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