"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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Ashinaga has asked for contributions to build Tokyo Rainbow House, but does Ashinaga have enough money for both orphan's scholarship and construction expense for Tokyo Rainbow House?
We ask for separate donations for each matter and event. So, we never use donations for an event or purpose that were originally collected for a different reason.

What will Tokyo Rainbow House look like?
We think that a building of a comparatively large scale is necessary. We also think that many more orphans' day care centers will become necessary in Japan. Tokyo Rainbow House should be the model for all Japanese orphan day care centers.
The building has 5`6 floors that consist of 3 zones; (1) a "healing" zone, where the grieving children heal their broken hearts through playing; (2) a "volunteer" zone; where training is held for new volunteers, and (3) a "housing zone"; for orphaned college and high school students who will live together.

Won't you provide care for those who have suffered other traumas than losing parent?
Tokyo Rainbow House is a day care center for orphans and orphans' family members. There are about 400,000 orphans in Japan. We would like to focus solely on supporting orphans emotionally

What happens when I make a donation to Tokyo Rainbow House?
Each donor's name will go up permanently on a wall in the Tokyo Rainbow House.