"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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Kobe Rainbow House

Rainbow House was constructed in January 1999 to be the first facility of its kind in Japan as a healing place for the bereaved children. The building has 5 floors which consists of 3 zones, namely,

(a) Healing Zone, where the grieving children heal their broken hearts through playing..
(b) Volunteer Zone, where training is held for the new volunteers.
(c) Housing Zone, for ASHINAGA college scholars.

The building is designed as a house to provide a safe, secured and homelike environment for grief-stricken children and their caregivers, as a place to be able to express feeling freely. In the Healing Zone, especially, there are various programs designed to make children express their emotions, and 12 other rooms are provided for these programs. Rainbow House not only extends professional care but also holds casual events once or twice a month so that the surviving children and their caregivers can visit the House in a relaxed mood. For example, we provide school tutoring, handcrafts and cooking classes just to mention a few.