"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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How we got started

18-year old boy Okajima lost his sister to a traffic accident. He sent a letter expressing his anger and his emotion to a reader's opinion page in a newspaper. That letter was titled "My sister was killed by a weapon on wheels". He received 131 letters of encouragement from all over Japan. Two years later, Tamai (ASHINAGA's co-founder) lost his mother in a traffic-accident. He also felt that his mother was killed by a weapon on wheels. He was then an economic critic, but started writing on the problems of traffic accidents in Japan. He wrote a book called "Victims of Traffic Accidents"..

The boy read the book and wrote a letter to Tamai. They talked about how to support traffic-orphans emotionally and financially. In 1967 they started a group called "Association for Orphans of Traffic Accidents". Tamai was then a TV personality in a program about traffic accidents. He asked the director to invite a boy who lost hif father to an accident to his TV program. The boy read a short essay titled as "To My Dad in Heaven" on the air. Many Japanese were shocked how strongly orphans needed financial and emotional support.
In 1969, an incorporated foundation for traffic orphans was established.