"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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A boy( 5th grade) drew a picture that called "Black Rainbow" at the
orphan's summer camp in 1995.

Support from orphans to orphans

Orphans of traffic accidents received a lot of love and support from other people, so that they could graduate from schools. They felt they should return the favor they received to other orphans as well. Then orphans of traffic accidents started fund-raising for children who had lost parents to natural disasters.

The next movement was carried out by the natural disaster orphans, who received much support from orphans of traffic accidents. They started fund-raising for children who had lost parents to cancer and other illnesses. ASHINAGA started to expand financial and emotional support for orphans of natural disasters and illness.

In 1995 the great Hanshin Earthquake struck Kobe, Japan. There were 573 children who became orphaned.
Emotional and psychological support was badly needed for those children.

A boy drew a "black rainbow" at the summer camp for Kobe Earthquake orphans.
That picture made us realize how deep their sorrow was in their heart.
We decided to create a place where the children could go at any time, and receive emotional care.
The day care center was therefore called the "Kobe Rainbow House", the first center to provide emotional care for orphaned children in Japan.