"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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President's Letter
Orphans Helping One Another
International Relationships
'Judy was an orphan girl who lived in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. She had a gift for writing, and was helped by a mysterious benefactor who gave her the opportunity to study in a private high school. However, she knew nothing about this person, not even his name. As she had heard he was very tall, she nicknamed him "Daddy Long Legs"'

ASHINAGA means "Daddy Long Legs" in Japanese. We are named after this American novel. To us at ASHINAGA an "orphan" is a child who has lost either one or both of their parents.

ASHINAGA is funded only by contributions from private individuals and companies. We at ASHINAGA have built the first "Daddy Long Legs" (a.k.a. Mr. & Ms. Ashinaga) donation system in Japan. Donations for orphans come from them, but not from the government.

One of our philosophies is that orphans support each other. In terms of financial support, ASHINAGA student body conducts fund-raising on the street twice a year across Japan. To provide emotional support, we facilitate orphan children at ASHINAGA to have intimate relationships each other in the first place. We hold the summer camp every year across the country.

Another philosophy of ASHINAGA is that people do not have to have special skills or licenses to be able to take care of orphans emotionally. We would like to share and spread our spirit throughout not only Japan, but also the world. We believe these philosophies would work across the national boundaries.

Orphans can grow up and become involved in supporting other orphans in return for the love they have received. This is how ASHINAGA goes on.
We believe that lost love is filled up only by the love to all orphans.