"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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Financial Support
Emotional Support
The mission of ASHINAGA is to support children whose parents have died, become incapable of working, or incurred financial difficulties making it difficult or impossible to send their children to high school or college. We at ASHINAGA refer to the children in each of these categories as "orphans." We have two missions for orphans: to provide financial support; to provide emotional support. We also provide guidance in their educational endeavors. With this assistance, we hope those orphans become talented adults with warm hearts, wide perspectives, vitality and a drive to succeed in the world. We also hope to instill a sense of internationalism so they may positively contribute to the world in the near future.
ASHINAGA has been working with bereaved children, providing emotional support since 1969. We would like to share our experience and expertise with those who are working on this issue to create better society for orphaned children around the world.