"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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Students Fund-raising
P Walk 10
"Received love is to be paid forward to other orphans."

Fund-Raising on the street

In 1967 the co-founders of ASHINAGA, Tamai & Okajima, started fund-raising on the streets of Tokyo. Three years later, in Akita, the northern part of Japan, some college students at an annual college festival agreed to help them by fund-raising on the streets for orphans of traffic accidents. Students who receive scholarship from ASHINAGA have been fund-raising on the streets ever since, twice a year in spring and fall.

P-Walk 10 (A Charity Walk)

We hold P-Walk 10 across the country twice a year in spring and fall.
"P" in P-Walk stands for Philanthropy. "10" means each walk is 10 kilometers long.
Families and friends gathered together on a beautiful Sunday morning of spring or autumn to take a walk for 10 kilometers talking about peace and social well-being, and getting to know about the conditioin of orphaned children overseas.
We hope the mind of philanthropy spread in the society through this event.