"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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Orphan Children Supporting Each Other

We feel that in order to properly support orphan children, we need to provide not only financial support but also emotional support by facilitating good relationship among children.
Only with friends whom they can trust, those children can release their sorrow and anger, then know that they are not alone, and eventually recover their hope for the future.

An important aspect of the ASHINAGA support system is to facilitate children who share the same sorrow to support each other.
Group counseling sessions have been held at our summer camp since 1970. A group usually has around 12 to 15 grieving children. It is an environment where the children feel comfortable speaking about their inner pains and conflicts. We find it is not always necessary for staff with special counseling skills to be present in a group session. The children are able to support each other well. Our staff are aware that children have a capacity for self-healing.