"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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Children's emotional state constantly varies because of changing environments and relationships. These factors may affect later behavior. Here are some examples of how children's mind and behavior are affected.

  1. "Boys do not cry," In the case of boys, expressing emotion is not masculine.
    -Feelings of sadness are avoided.
    -Controlling and hiding true feelings.
    -Having sad feelings are "stupid" and "for losers."

  2. "Being strong for the family"
    -Pretending to be "fine" in front of adults.
    -Acting the good "boy" or "girl."
    -Feelings of inadequacy of measuring up to others expectations.

  3. "Being strong so no one knows I'm an orphan"
    -Always worry about what other people think.
    -Hiding the fact that they have no parent.

It is important for adults to understand children's emotional state. A misunderstanding may cause children a sense of guilt and a fear of displaying emotion in front of people. There are many cases that children shut down their emotions and become mistrustful of others for long periods of time. Adults need to support children who cannot show their emotions so that they may eventually feel comfortable expressing themselves.