"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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My Tears Flowed Naturally.
I participated in an ASHINAGA summer camp for the first time this year and had an experience like I've never had before. My tears flowed after I told other orphans my personal story. I had touched their emotions. I will never forget this experience and I will always hold it in my heart. I appreciate the donors very much for giving me this opportunity.
(Girl, A.K, 16)

My Dream is to be in my Late Father's Occupation.
I want to become an accountant in the future. My father passed away last year.
My father was an accountant. I don't understand well what kind of work my father was doing as an accountant. So, after I become an accountant, I will understand what kind of job he was doing and why he was doing this job.
(Boy, T.I, 17)

My Dream is to be an Architect.

I have studied to become an architect. I want to design houses with barrier-free entrances for handicapped people so they can live comfortably. That is why I am studying hard everyday. Thank you very much.
(Girl, M.M, 16)

The Encouragement I received is my Power Source
I am in the first year of nursing school. I am training to become a nurse in the future. I have received encouragement from donors so that I can study and I can try to be strong emotionally. I want to be a nurse who can encourage clients to get well emotionally.
(Girl, N.O, 16)

I ‚vant to be a Teacher
My dream is to become a social studies teacher in high school. I have been studying very hard to enter university. I don't want to be a teacher who can teach only using textbooks. I think the best teacher is one who has a warm heart for children.
My dream is to be that kind of teacher.
(Boy, T.H, 18)

I received Encouragement
I have a strong dream. It is to become a sewing technician. I have studied very hard for this dream at school. I felt very secure after I participated in the orphan's summer camp for the first time. I received encouragement from the summer camp.
I appreciate donors that help so I can study without worrying financially.
(Girl, M.S, 17)