"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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He lost his father to cancer when he was eight years old. He received an Ashinaga scholarship because of his financial problems. However he dropped out of high school once and started working hard in a blue collar job. He could not give up his dream to become a pilot so he studied very hard and passed a special exam which allowed him to take an entrance exam for college. He entered a college but quit after two years and transferred to a flight school. He graduated from the flight school and now he is an assistant pilot at Japan Air Lines. He got married and had a baby and has a very happy life with his family.

  • I have been working as a store manager and a fashion adviser since last September.
    (Woman, 22)

  • I am in the Army. Since the September 11th attacks, my job has been very busy. I will do my best for my country.
    (Man, 27)

  • I finally began working as a stylist last September.
    (Woman, 23)

  • Two years ago I received an acceptance letter from a school examination office.
    The dream that I've had since junior high school has come true.
    (Man, 24)

  • I work as a police detective.
    My job is not so easy and I always think deeply about each Incident I must investigate
    I think I'm much wiser than I was ten years ago.
    (Man, 30)

  • I am a kindergarten teacher.
    Every morning, when I say "good morning" to the children they jump on me.
    I really enjoy my job.
    (Woman, 25)

  • I am working as a legal assistant in a law office.
    I want to build an NGO in the future. So, now I am studying Chinese very hard.
    (Woman, 28)

  • After I graduated from high school with an Ashinaga scholarship I went to the United States.
    I studied psychology and since then I haven't returned to Japan. After graduating school, I have been working as a volunteer.
    (Woman, 24)