"We support orphans emotionally and financially."
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A large debt and abandoned property was left after my husband passed away in 1998. I went bankrupt. I borrowed my son's school fees from my neighbors. I received scholarship money from the city government of 10,000 Japanese yen ($80) every month but I couldn't do anything with this small amount of money. I have been working day and night but my paycheck is still low. So, I still must borrow money from neighbors.
(Mother, three children, 39)

After I obtained as insurance agency license, the company that I was working for went bankrupt. I have been looking for a job since. I have three children but I do not know how we can live. That is why I applied for Ashinaga scholarships for my three children.
(Mother, three children, 46)

I was laid off from my company. Now I am searching for a new job. My husband died of overwork five years ago. My biggest disappointment is that my son couldn't go on his high school class trip. My son has already given up to go on school trips. He receives a scholarship from town but it is not enough to pay all school fees. (Mother, Three children, 46)