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Cape Verde – Ailine


Country of study: Brazil Home Country: Cape Verde Undergraduate Degree: International Relations

Ailine is an AAI Scholar from Cape Verde studying in Brazil. Her first year of school began in early 2020, but unfortunately, because of COVID-19, she was only able to attend the first three weeks of class in person. Not letting this situation bring her down, she has been doing a lot of research. 
“With some help, I made a survey in my community to hear everybody’s needs. My main focus is to create an Association for the young people in Pedra Rolada so they can learn with each other, stop the marginalization, and avoid criminality. More time learning useful skills means less time on the streets.” Ailine says. In the future, she wants to work as an ambassador of Cape Verde and improve the tourism industry. She also wants to strengthen the relations of Cape Verde and other Portuguese-speaking countries around the world. Ailine believes that together, Lusophone countries can have a greater role in the global economy and development. 

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