2. Regional Offices




In addition to Japan, Ashinaga has offices in Uganda, Senegal, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil. The offices in Japan, the US, the UK, France, and Brazil support Ashinaga Africa Initiative Scholars. Uganda and Senegal offices both support the AAI Scholars before they go abroad and facilitate local community programs.

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    Ashinaga Uganda

    Ashinaga Uganda was Ashinaga’s first international office. Registered in 2001, the organization consists of a Rainbow House community facility to support orphaned children and local youth, as well as a Kokoro-Juku, a dormitory and education facility for students from Sub-Saharan Africa selected to join the Ashinaga Africa Initiative.


  • Ashinaga USA

    Ashinaga USA was established in 2015 and is located in New York City. The office supports the AAI Scholars studying in the US and manages partnerships with universities and other institutional partners.

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    Ashinaga Senegal

    Founded in 2015, Ashinaga Senegal serves as the regional office for francophone Sub-Saharan Africa. Francophone students on the Ashinaga Africa Initiative stay and learn at our Kokoro-Juku facility in central Dakar. There they learn alongside staff and tutors from around the world and contribute to the local community through various outreach projects.

    Ashinaga Senegal also offers domestic and international scholarships for high school, university, and primary school.


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    Ashinaga UK

    Ashinaga UK empowers young orphaned students with university education and leadership training so that they can identify problems and find solutions in their communities.

      Our mission is to contribute to sub-Saharan Africa’s development by providing students who have lost one or both parents with the education, network, and opportunities necessary to become the next generation of compassionate leaders for Africa.


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    Ashinaga France

    In 2016, Ashinaga established two offices in Europe—one in Paris and one in London—to support the Ashinaga Africa Initiative across the continent and spread general awareness about our organization. Their main responsibilities are supporting our students studying at European universities, maintaining relations with partner universities, and working with members of the Kenjin-Tatsujin International Advisory Council and external partners to develop the Ashinaga Africa Initiative.


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    Ashinaga Brazil

    Ashinaga Brazil was established in São Paulo in 2018. It recruits AAI students, primarily from Portuguese-speaking countries on the African continent, and provides them with the support they need for their future careers upon entering university.


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