3. Maimouna’s Inspiring Path in Actuarial Science with the AAI

Maimouna’s Inspiring Path in Actuarial Science with the AAI

Maimouna is an Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI) Scholar studying Actuarial Science at the esteemed Institut de Statistique de Sorbonne Université (ISUP) in France and Europe. She has demonstrated an inspiring level of resilience and unwavering motivation since her arrival in France in 2018. Initially embarking on a double degree in Mathematics and Economics, she earned two diplomas before securing a spot at ISUP to specialize in Actuarial Sciences.

Maimouna’s Kokorozashi, or life goal, is to establish a small life insurance structure in Senegal. This initiative, born out of her personal experiences, aims to assist modest households, enabling their children to receive compensation in case of a family member’s death. Maimouna’s deep inspiration stems from the loss of her father at a young age and the financial struggles her family faced in paying for education and living expenses. These experiences have instilled in her a profound understanding of the importance of life insurance in ensuring a financial safety net for her future children’s education.

Despite the demanding pace of her studies, Maimouna remains dedicated to her associative commitments, actively participating in a solidarity grocery that distributes meals to underprivileged students. She also engages in research work, such as the Ashinaga Proposal, and pursues various extracurricular projects. Several years ago, she initiated a project to introduce Senegalese food products in France, occasionally preparing the dishes herself to organize food sales within her network.

Maimouna distinguishes herself through the high quality of her independently secured internships, including experiences with international companies like Allianz and Generali. She worked at Allianz as an automobile insurance officer. This role allowed her to delve into the insurance world and interact directly with clients. It helped her gain independence, quick responsiveness, strong interpersonal skills, and a remarkable ability to adapt. Her internship as an actuary at the insurance company Generali was also a valuable experience. Her mentor entrusted her with significant responsibilities and involved her in key team projects. This enabled her to enhance her skills and reaffirm her desire to become an actuary.

For Maimouna, maintaining a balance between her personal and professional life involves a commitment to sports, which she diligently practices. She has also taken drama classes, finding joy in this creative pursuit.

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