3. Empowering Terakoya Students through Ashinaga’s ICT Lab

Empowering Terakoya Students through Ashinaga’s ICT Lab

Uganda 2023.05.24

In today’s digital world, access to information and technological literacy is crucial for personal and professional development. Recognizing the importance of providing students with the necessary tools to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world, the Ashinaga embarked on a remarkable journey to establish an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) lab.

The idea for the ICT lab was born out of small sessions and classes conducted by Moses, the ICT administrator for Ashinaga Uganda’s Rainbow House and Kokorojuku. The ICT lab project was made possible through the generous support of the Big Give campaign, which specifically contributed funds towards this initiative. This financial backing has allowed Ashinaga to create an ICT lab to greatly benefit the Terakoya students. “The ICT lab has made a significant difference in my studies. I now have the opportunity to do my homework on a computer, which has made it easier and more efficient for me,” says John, one of the beneficiaries of the ICT lab.



The ICT lab offers diverse classes designed to empower Terakoya students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills. These classes cover essential topics such as the history of computers, hardware utilization, and proficiency in Microsoft Suite 365, including Word, Excel, Database, Publisher, and PowerPoint.

The ICT lab aims to provide students with the necessary training and support to navigate the digital landscape. The students are empowered to become proficient in using the Microsoft suite through customized computer setups and tailored lessons. Additionally, they are introduced to graphic design and equipped with troubleshooting techniques to address technical issues. Acquiring these skills opens doors to employment prospects, enabling students to secure meaningful jobs in various industries.



The impact of the ICT lab extends beyond the individual students. They are encouraged to share their newfound knowledge with their communities, empowering others with the same transformative abilities. The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the students in grades 4 and 5 showcase their genuine passion for learning and their desire to make a difference. “While using the ICT lab, I discovered a passion for graphic design. I can now create beautiful posters and designs using the software we learned. It has opened up a whole new world of creativity for me,” expresses Sarah, another beneficiary of the ICT lab.

While the limited time available in the ICT lab poses a challenge, it does not diminish the students’ eagerness to enhance their skills and explore the possibilities technology offers. Ashinaga has enlisted the help of ICT volunteer teachers and recently hired a full-time ICT teacher, demonstrating their commitment to empowering students through technology.

Building upon the success of the current ICT lab, Ashinaga aspires to create an even larger facility with more computers. This expansion will further amplify the impact and empower an entire generation with the transformative power of technology.

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