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Eugene Wanyama

Eugene Wanyama

Senior Student Relations Coordinator, Ashinaga HQ

Getting a chance to study in Japan was a dream fulfilled for me. I have always been fascinated by the cultural intricacies and the technological advances that Japan is so famous for. My undergraduate degree allowed me to experience all this and more while studying sustainable development, a field in which I had a profound interest.

My daily interactions with students of different backgrounds on campus brought me face-to-face with issues that international students face as they try to adapt to a new culture, language, and environment. I wanted to use my experience and those of other scholars in Japan to provide better options for incoming students. With that in mind, I took up a position at the Admissions Office at my alma mater a few years after graduation.

My first encounter with Ashinaga was when we collaborated to secure placement for AAI Scholars for their undergraduate degree at the university. I was immediately enamored by the Foundation’s dedication to supporting these young learners’ aspirations. What impressed me the most was that Ashinaga empowered both the donors and the beneficiaries to be catalysts for the change they mutually envisioned. This empowerment is a crucial component in nurturing responsible leaders. As I got to understand Ashinaga more, my respect grew.

I am currently a member of the Student Relations Team of the Ashinaga Africa Initiative. My primary role is to ensure that the Scholars have a wholesome learning experience in Japan and achieve their goals and targets for this phase of their leadership journey towards becoming strong contributors to the future of Africa—my specific tasks center around administrative, programming, and welfare-related activities.

I am proud to be a part of this dynamic team dedicated to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

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