3. Leadership training at Ashinaga Senegal

Leadership training at Ashinaga Senegal

General 2017.12.30


Thanks to the insightful leadership training delivered by Aminata Lo on the 27th, 28th and 29th December, the 2017 Ashinaga Africa Initiative students are now well-equipped to implement their innovative ideas.  The training was conducted in collaboration with the African non-profit Jokkolabs, an ‘ideas laboratory’ comprising of over 400 entrepreneurs, all with a shared vision of collaboration and inclusive innovation.


Over the course of the leadership training, students were able to learn more about themselves, both in terms of their ‘mental management’ and their professional goals and aspirations. A range of activities and discussions encouraged them to collaborate, to respect and listen to alternative points of view, and to think ahead. The students also defined the essential qualities of a good leader and devised strategies which would allow them to be more efficient. Ultimately, the students felt empowered to draw on their own experiences, in order to inspire others.


The students really enjoyed the leadership training and took away many valuable lessons, which they were then able to put into practice by planning and organising their own social impact project. This project focused on raising awareness about the difficulties and discrimination faced by ‘talibé’ children in Senegal and sought to raise funds for organisations working to ensure the wellbeing of local street children.

Overall, the leadership training was highly successful and rewarding, but above all it highlighted the importance of empowerment and autonomy, which is at the heart of the Ashinaga Africa Initiative.



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