3. The Scholar Series and My Experience on the Planning Committee

The Scholar Series and My Experience on the Planning Committee

General 2021.08.23

The Scholar Series and My Experience on the Planning Committee

Written by Patience ASIIMWE (3rd year student, Kwansei Gakuin University, Uganda)

The Ashinaga Scholar Series, launched this Spring, are online events planned by the Student Relations Team and Scholar Volunteers to bring forward discussions of concern and importance to students. The team coordinates guest speakers concerning the relevant topics and gathers frequently asked questions, which we then send to the guest speakers.

I was glad to be part of the planning committee of the first three series along with my fellow Scholars – Maryann, Jenya, and Astou. The first series held on May 21 was about entrepreneurship, and we were delighted to receive good feedback from the Scholars, especially those who want to go back home and start their own ventures. Most Scholars were able to understand better what takes place, and the Scholars were able to relate well with the guest speakers since both were young people.

The second series on June 25 was about internship and job hunting in Africa. We were able to host a panel of four guest speakers coming from different African countries with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. They explained in detail what takes place behind the scenes in terms of recruitment. The guests also shared with the Scholars the applicable skills they might need to increase their chances of being recruited.

The third session on July 30 was about African Identity and the experience of being Black students living in Japan. Scholars discussed issues such as how they feel regarding diversity abroad and racism. Also, they listened to speeches from two guest speakers who understand the unique experiences we encounter here in Japan.

I decided to volunteer for the planning committee because I hoped to put some of my skills to use through service to others. I am very passionate about creative writing and design, so I volunteered to make the monthly posters. I have also learned to be a better communicator, the value of teamwork, and being a team player. In addition, I was able to sharpen my artistic skills more. With this, I was able to put my free time to good use, which helped me become a more productive person outside of school.

I encourage other Scholars to volunteer more for these kinds of program activities because this will help them learn how to work with other people and the importance of collective effort. The Scholars will also be able to advance their communication and soft skills while doing something good for the other students.

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