3. 3 Tips to Pass an Interview!

3 Tips to Pass an Interview!

General 2022.03.22

If you have applied to the Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI), congratulations on submitting your application! We have received incredible applicants, and the recruitment team has been working hard to go through all of your applications. We wanted to give you some tips on how you could best use this time to prepare for the next stage of interviews. Be sure to read through to the end and watch for all our upcoming updates on the application process. 

Read on to the three tips for all applicants on how best to prepare for your interviews: 

1. Firstly, research! Thoroughly read through the Ashinaga material on the AAI application process (especially for the interview stage) and any other scholarship interview preparation materials you can find! 

2. Secondly, understand the type of questions you could be asked and think about your answers.

3. Finally, practice, practice, and then practice some more! 

The points above might seem obvious when preparing for an interview; however, if you meticulously prepare for each of these steps, you will be as prepared as you possibly can be for your interview. The tips above can be applied to any interview you are preparing for, but for the purposes of this article, the content below will be tailored to scholarship interviews. 

1. Research Ashinaga material on the AAI application process (especially for the interview stage) and any other scholarship interview preparation materials you can find! 

There is a wealth of resources, including articles and YouTube videos on how to answer scholarship interview questions, which could help your interview preparation. By reading through these questions, listening to the commentary, and the recommendations made by the authors, you will be able to approach your interview calmly and understand why you are being asked specific questions. You will also get an idea of how to best prepare yourself by looking at the advice given by experts on how to identify and showcase your strengths. Finally, researching through different sources will enable you to identify often asked questions and valuable advice.

Take notes of these and think about how they can help you in Step 2. 

2. Understand the type of questions you could be asked and think about your answers. 

After researching the commonly asked questions in scholarship interviews, you should think about your answers. Try to apply the tips you have learned while researching, ensuring you are prepared to answer confidently. This will allow you to prepare the answers that best represent you and convince the interviewers that you would be the perfect candidate for this program. Interviewers want to know what makes you stand out from others, so be sure to highlight all your excellent skills, ambitions, and challenges you have overcome. Remember, if you have reached this stage, the interviewers already consider you a high achiever, so don’t underestimate yourself and be sure to include all of your most excellent points!   

3. Practice, Practice and then Practice some more! 

Once you understand the type of interview questions you might be asked, and how you want to answer them, you’ll need to practice. This is where you will need to involve a friend or family member to help you prepare. Some people find it helpful also to film themselves answering questions, which could be an excellent way to organize your thoughts and attempt a first answer. Practicing your interview beforehand will allow you to overcome the pressure and let you feel more comfortable throughout the process. Being comfortable is the first step to making you feel confident! This confidence will show in both your body language and your answers. So, practice, then practice some more! As the saying goes…practice makes perfect! 

Try all of the tips and advice above, and let us know if they are helpful on our social media pages! You can also share more tips you might have for other interviewees. We wish you all the very best of luck!  

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