3. Ashinaga Uganda Care Program Takes Students to Jinja City

Ashinaga Uganda Care Program Takes Students to Jinja City

Uganda 2023.06.22

To empower and educate young minds, the Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House recently organized an unforgettable day trip to Jinja City for 175 primary school students as part of its Care Program—the trip aimed to introduce students to essential water safety procedures.

Jinja City, nestled in the eastern region of Uganda, was the perfect destination due to its rich history and iconic water bodies, including the famous Source of The River Nile. For many students, this was a rare opportunity to leave Nansana, their hometown, experience a water body, and learn about it.

The Care Program team and students embarked on this educational journey with great enthusiasm and a sense of adventure. The objectives of the outing were clear: to introduce the students to basic water safety measures, expose them to fascinating water-based research projects, and broaden their horizons by exploring different regions of their own country.

The first stop was the National Fisheries Research Resource Institution (NaFIRRI), where the students had the unique opportunity to witness ongoing research projects firsthand. Divided into groups, they explored the facility, and learned about the scientific endeavors to preserve Uganda’s aquatic resources. This experience sparked their curiosity and highlighted the importance of scientific inquiry.

After the visit to NaFIRRI, the group’s journey continued to the Source of the Nile. The air was filled with anticipation as the students learned about the historical significance of this iconic river and soaked in exciting facts shared by knowledgeable tour guides. While the water safety theme took a slight detour, the students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the Nile. It was a chance to connect with their roots and deepen their appreciation for their country’s history and nature.

Throughout the outing, the students received engaging water-safety-themed workbooks reinforcing the lessons learned and encouraging active participation. These workbooks became their companions on this journey of knowledge, with fun activities that made learning an enjoyable experience. To ensure their voices were heard, the students were also given a satisfaction survey, allowing them to share their thoughts and opinions about the outing.

Due to the Ashinaga Uganda Care Program’s extensive reach, encompassing over 1000 beneficiaries, the students often miss out on regular opportunities to interact with one another. With the substantial number of students and limited space available, dividing attendance between zones and classes becomes necessary. As a result, the Care Program team randomly selected participants for the outings, deliberately facilitating interactions between students who may not be acquainted but reside nearby.

During these outings, the students embark on a shared journey that fosters the formation of solid friendships. As they gradually become comfortable with one another, they open up and share their emotional life stories, creating bonds that endure beyond the duration of the trip. The excitement and thrill of traveling to new places generate intense positivity among the students and offer a break from their routines.

The Care Program achieves several of its objectives through these carefully organized outings. The students build supportive relationships and gain invaluable opportunities for intellectual, physical, and emotional growth. By engaging with their peers and exploring unfamiliar territories, the students broaden their horizons, expand their knowledge, and develop essential life skills. These outings serve as transformative experiences, nurturing the students’ holistic well-being and empowering them to reach their full potential.

While the outing may not have fully achieved its objectives related to water safety, it undeniably left an indelible mark on the young hearts and minds of the students. One of the Care Program students said, “I never traveled on such a long journey like that. Thank you, Ashinaga, so much for the outing”.

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