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Ethiopia – Biniyam


Country: Ethiopia University: University of Bristol Degree Course: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Expected Graduation: 2022 Internship: Biniyam plans to complete his summer internship in 2021

Future Ambition: Biniyam’s future ambition is to ‘Electrify Ethiopia’ and to do so in as sustainable a manner as possible. He has had personal experiences dealing with shortages of electricity, resulting in him having to strain himself by studying late at night with by candlelight. He hopes that because Ethiopia already has access to electricity sourced from dams that he can successfully harness energy from other sources and continue to support sustainability within the continent.


Other Accomplishments:

  • Biniyam is a host on Burst Radio, the University of Bristol student Radio station.
  • Biniyam is the founder and CEO of Albert Tutorial, which aims to provide access to free and quality education for disadvantaged students in Ethiopia. Since 2012 it has supported over 1,500 students.

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