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Mauritius – Manjeeta


University: Imperial College London Degree Course: Chemical Engineering Expected Graduation: 2021 Internships: ・Engineering Internship at African Leadership University, Mauritius ・Chemical Engineering Internship at ChemCo, Mauritius

Future Ambition: Manjeeta’s ambition is to create awareness on how STEM education can enable one to make a significant impact in Mauritius by designing an app that would enable students to research which industries STEM students are working in and how the chosen major is helping them make an impact within the country. Childhood misconceptions about engineering are widespread. Manjeeta believes that if children do not understand the jobs of engineers, then it is unlikely that they would choose it as a career path. This is why she wants to build this center that engages youngsters in activities that foster a passion for STEM. Manjeeta hopes to make Mauritius progress by encouraging more students to pursue STEM-related career paths. She wants to see different kinds of people coming from different backgrounds becoming the innovators of tomorrow.


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