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Rwanda – Merci


Home Country: Rwanda Country of Study: Japan Undergraduate Degree: Computer Science and Engineering

Merci is an AAI Candidate from Rwanda, who will attend university in Japan. She plans to study computer science and engineering. Her home country is one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa and greatly depends on the transportation industry. Since the country hasn’t established its own independent car manufacturing industry, almost all of Rwanda’s vehicles are imported from other continents. Most of these vehicles are second-hand, leading to an increase in both the number of car accidents and air pollution from their emissions. Merci says “I firmly believe technology can be used to enhance our lives and develop Africa by tackling most problems we face. As such, I want to use it to improve the transportation sector of my country. I will be taking computer science and engineering course where I will get to learn and find an effective way of achieving my goal.” 

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