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Internship Program in Japan

Ashinaga’s Japan-based interns work on projects from our Tokyo headquarters. Teams change each year and internship cycle, but possible placements range from departments like Translation, Professional Network Development, Student Support, Marketing, and more. On every team, interns learn transferable skills and experience what it is like to work for an international NGO.


Although many positions are mostly office-based, interns who reside in Japan also get the opportunity to participate in various student activities depending on the term. For example, there is bokin, a biannual street fundraising campaign, and tsudoi, student summer camps. By participating, interns get insight into Ashinaga’s work both behind the scenes and on the ground.


The internship program is carried out in two cycles per year, for 10 weeks per cycle with an optional extension of an additional 8 weeks (total of 18 weeks maximum).


– Spring-Summer: mid May – end July (main term), or up till mid-September (extension term)

– Fall-Winter: Mid-October – early December (main term), or up till early March of the following year (extension term)

2024-25 Fall-Winter Internship Program

Intern with Ashinaga wherever you are in the world! The 2024-25 Fall-Winter Program offers various working styles depending on the location interns are based in during the internship.


Interns based outside of Japan: Remote

Interns based in Japan (in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area): Hybrid (mix of remote work and working from the Tokyo headquarters)

Interns based in Japan (outside of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area): Hybrid (mainly remote work, with the opportunity to attend in-person events depending on department)


Internship Dates: October 7th – December 13th, 2024

*Possibility of extension, depending on intern performance and team needs. Extension period: January 20th – March 14th, 2025.

Application Deadline: July 28th, 2024


Interns will work on a part-time schedule with flexible hours. Learn more about Ashinaga’s work in Japan and around the globe by interning with teams like marketing, translation, and student activities. Alternatively, contribute to the Ashinaga Africa Initiative by working on projects with teams like student relations, professional network development, or recruitment. Interns will also attend online events to learn more about how Ashinaga works, and get the opportunity to interact with Ashinaga scholars. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at internship@ashinaga.org .



Internship Program in Uganda and Senegal

Interns working with Ashinaga in Uganda or Senegal have the unique opportunity to mentor and teach talented Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI) Scholars from across the African continent. These Scholars are ambitious high school graduates, selected by Ashinaga to receive financial support to study at top universities around the world.



The AAI Scholars’ training begins with a 6-month Study Camp, three months in person and three months remotely, to strengthen their academic skills and support their university applications. Following this, Scholars, already in their home countries, continue their studies with a remote Preparation Camp which focuses on planning for the practical aspects of living and studying abroad in their destination countries. Depending on the Scholar’s country of origin, the preparation year will occur in either Uganda for anglophone and lusophone Scholars or Senegal for francophone Scholars.


Interns in Uganda and Senegal play an integral role in the development of Scholars’ academic ability during the preparation year. Bridging the roles of teacher and mentor, interns support Scholars in various fields. This is an opportunity for open-minded and driven individuals to gain experience through planning lessons using innovative pedagogical teaching methods, while getting insights on the challenges and possibilities in education in sub-Saharan Africa. Apply for a chance to make a big impact on the lives of AAI Scholars, whilst learning more about yourself and gaining a wealth of international experience!


2024 Uganda Internship Program

Ashinaga Uganda runs Anglophone (English) and Lusophone (Portuguese) internship programs every year. In 2024, Ashinaga Uganda is looking for English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking interns to support their Study Camp.


Uganda (Anglophone): 
Internship Dates:

1) Study Camp Term 1: July 1st – October 18th, 2024

2) Study Camp Term 2 (Remote): October 14th – December 13th 2024


Application Window:

Study Camp Term 1: March 15th – May 1st, 2024

Study Camp Term 2: July 1st – September 1st, 2024




Uganda (Lusophone): 

Internship Dates:

1) Lusophone Preparation Camp (Remote Internship): March 3rd – June 7th, 2024

2) Study Camp Term 1: June 25th  – October 18th, 2024

3) Study Camp Term 2: October 14th – December 13th, 2024


Application Deadlines:

1) Lusophone Remote Preparation Camp Deadline: February 15th, 2024

2) Study Camp Terms 1 & 2: May 1st 2024

*For the Lusophone Study Camp internship program, interns are required to stay for both terms, so only one application period will be open.


Links to the respective application forms will be uploaded on this page when applications open. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at internship.ug@ashinaga.org .






2022 Senegal Internship Program


Senegal (Note: this offer is only open to French-speaking candidates)

*Internship dates for 2023 are still being confirmed. Please check this page at a later date.


Internship Dates (2022):

1) Preparation Camp: March 30th – June 17th, 2022

2) Study Camp: June 29th  – September 2nd 2022


Application Deadlines:

1) Preparation Camp: February 27th, 2022

2) Study Camp: May 29th, 2022


For more details, please refer to the application form linked below (French only). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at senegaloffice@ashinaga.org .




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