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Journalist Former Member of Italian and European Parliament European representative of BCIU

Alberto Michelini (Born in Rome, July 25, 1941) is an Italian journalist, politician, and member of the European Parliament. Before getting involved in politics, he worked at the national news broadcasting television channel (Rai Tg1) as a special correspondent. In this capacity, he conducted one of the first television interviews with Pope John Paul II, and has dedicated ten books and twenty videos to his pontificate.

He was elected in the 1984 European parliamentary elections, and then reconfirmed in 1989. He was president of the Delegation for relations with Malta and of the Delegation to the EU-Malta Joint Parliamentary Committee. He was a member of the Commission for the protection of the environment, public health, and consumer protection; the commission for Development and Cooperation; the Political Commission; and the commission for Culture, Youth, Education and the Media. He was appointed personal representative of the Italian Prime minister to support the “Action Plan for Africa” during the 27th G8 summit held in Genoa in September 2001.

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