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The Danish Government’s Ghetto Representative (No Ghettos in 2030 in Denmark) Former CEO of BORNEfonden

Bolette Christensen has a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen majoring in Business Psychology from 1991. Furthermore, Bolette Christensen has obtained an Executive MBA from Scandinavian International Management Institute.


In 1990 Bolette Christensen began her professional career as a Management Development Consultant in the insurance industry and was appointed her first management position three years later. A year later, from 1994-2003 Bolette Christensen was appointed Head of Management Development at Danish Confederation of Industries. In 2003 Bolette Christensen was promoted Deputy Director at Danish Confederation of Industries, a position she held until her appointment as Director at Danish Confederation of Industries in 2008.


From 2011 to 2017, Bolette Christensen was CEO of BØRNEfonden. In this role, she worked to strengthen the development of African children and youth based on the notion that sustainable development begins with the children, families, and communities. Bolette Christensen is a widely used opinion former with a number of ongoing appearances in radio, written media, newspapers, columns, and on TV. Bolette Christensen has also published a number of books primarily on the topic of management.


Bolette Christensen holds a number of positions as chairman, vice-chair and board member in different organizations, private companies, educational institutions, an art museum and has also been appointed by the Danish Minister for Development as a member of The Development Council in Denmark. In May 2018, Bolette Christensen was appointed by the Danish government as a Ghetto representative to work for “One Denmark without Parallel Communities. No Ghettos in 2030”.

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