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Chief Executive Officer, Elerai Global Services LLC

Dr. Naya Mondo is CEO and founder of Elerai Global Services LLC (EGS). Naya founded EGS out of a passion for developing technological solutions that create opportunities for community building across Africa. Through EGS, Naya has developed technological solutions that address education, health, agriculture and sustainable energy challenges facing off-grid communities.

Dr. Mondo’s research focuses on issues of energy poverty and its implications for sustainable development, transformational leadership, education, women and youth empowerment. Her research culminated in a doctorate from Columbia University (2014), with a thesis titled Pioneer Women Leaders in Kenya: Learning from Experience. Her work has sought to identify, produce and deliver solutions that directly impact those affected and enable personal agency in community development. Naya is excited to have shared her passion with The Hague Food Security Summit (2015), Women Economic Forum (2017), Gender Summit; Climate Change through the Gender Lens: Focus on Africa (2018). She is humbled to have been awarded the Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All & Exceptional Women of Excellence distinctions from the Women Economic Forum (2017) for her work in sustainable energy and looks forward to scaling the impact of this work to as many communities as possible.

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