3. Benefits of Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Africa with Ashinaga Foundation

Benefits of Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Africa with Ashinaga Foundation

Featured News 2023.12.19

The Graduates and Alumni team organized an online seminar under the theme of “Values of master’s degrees in Africa” to discuss the various advantages AAI Scholars can obtain from pursuing further education in African universities, especially with the support of the Ashinaga Masters in Africa grant.

Bosco, an Ashinaga African Initiative (AAI) scholar, enthusiastically endorsed the decision to return to Africa for his master’s degree, emphasizing several compelling reasons. He stated, “Studying in Africa allows me to actively participate in the continent’s development and address its challenges, aligning with my strong desire to make a positive impact.” It allows him to engage directly with the people affected by the continent’s challenges. This proximity enables him to develop practical solutions that reflect his strong dedication to Africa’s development.

Racheal, an AAI Scholar believes that studying in Africa is more practical for achieving her goals. She emphasized, “Addressing the continent’s challenges from within and working directly with the people facing these problems ensures that proposed solutions are contextually relevant and effective.”

Moussa an AAI graduate is keen on returning to Africa, specifically Senegal. Moussa emphasized, “I recognize the significant growth and improvement in Senegal’s education system through the establishment of quality programs.” He added, “This indicates the evolving landscape of higher education in Africa, which is becoming competitive and on par with global standards.” Moussa further stated, “My desire to return to Senegal highlights the promising prospects for quality education on the continent.”

Kane, a program coordinator from Ashinaga Senegal, adds to the chorus of voices advocating for studying in Africa. He firmly believes in encouraging scholars to pursue their master’s degrees on the continent, emphasizing the importance of aligning educational goals with their objectives, thus ensuring that their academic pursuits contribute directly to Africa’s development.

According to Kane “An exciting trend in African universities is the emphasis on training in various languages, including French, English, Swahili, and more. This reflects the continent’s diverse linguistic landscape and prepares graduates for a globalized world where multilingualism is a valuable skill. It also ensures that African scholars are well-equipped to communicate and collaborate effectively on a broader international scale.”

Pursuing a master’s degree in Africa offers scholars a unique opportunity to engage with the continent’s challenges, align their education with their objectives, and contribute directly to Africa’s development. With support from the Ashinaga Master in Africa program and strong leadership in African countries, scholars can achieve their academic and professional goals while making a lasting impact on the continent.

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