3. Pitch Competition with Social Impact Lab Japan at AAI 2024 Tsudoi

Pitch Competition with Social Impact Lab Japan at AAI 2024 Tsudoi

Featured News 2024.03.04

As part of the Ashinaga Africa Initiative’s (AAI) commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and driving positive change in Africa, AAI Scholars recently participated in a dynamic pitching competition during the AAI 2024 Tsudoi. This event, organized in collaboration with Social Impact Lab Japan (SILJ), aimed to equip Scholars with essential entrepreneurial skills crucial for addressing unemployment and social challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa after graduation.

Social Impact Lab Japan, an established incubator committed to supporting impact entrepreneurs locally and globally, was pivotal in guiding AAI Scholars through a “How to Pitch” workshop. This collaboration underscores the shared commitment to nurturing purpose-driven individuals and catalyzing positive change through training and mentorship.
Firstly, the focus was on knowledge acquisition, aiming to provide scholars with the essential skills to understand and create compelling pitches. Secondly, the session aimed to inspire scholars, encouraging them to think creatively and develop innovative solutions. Lastly, the workshop served as a platform for entrepreneurship education and practice where the scholars got to put their learnings into action and present their pitches in front of everyone.

The workshop emphasized the importance of starting with a personal and significant “Why” (purpose) before delving into the “What” (aim) and “How.” Scholars learned to craft concise mission and vision statements, ensuring clarity and understanding for their audience. Seven fundamental elements of a comprehensive pitch were outlined, focusing on researching target audiences, maintaining conciseness, and having a clear call to action.

The AAI Scholars actively engaged in the workshop, demonstrating enthusiasm and responsiveness. While some found the “Vision and Mission Statement” activity initially challenging, the guidance from SILJ clarified the directions. During the pitching competition, all scholars demonstrated attentiveness, posed thoughtful questions, and responded positively to the presenters.

Scholars collaborated in groups to develop project ideas and prepare pitches, receiving valuable feedback from esteemed guests, including Joseph Rutankangwa, the founder of Rwazi. This practical exercise allowed scholars to apply their newly acquired knowledge and refine their entrepreneurial skills. A winner was announced during the pitching competition, receiving a monetary gift. This generous award is designated for entrepreneurial upskilling and resources, further empowering AAI Scholars to make a meaningful impact.

The AAI 2024 Tsudoi and the collaboration with Social Impact Lab Japan have set the stage for ongoing entrepreneurship initiatives. Scholars now have the tools to drive positive change in their communities, fostering a new generation of impactful leaders in Africa.

We sincerely thank Social Impact Lab Japan for their invaluable collaboration and support in advancing the entrepreneurial development of AAI Scholars. We are shaping a future where purpose-driven entrepreneurship thrives, creating lasting impact in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

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