3. Solving Climate Change Induced Migration in the Sahel Region

Solving Climate Change Induced Migration in the Sahel Region

HQ 2023.08.18

From receiving a scholarship to achieving academic success, catch up with Imran, an AAI (Ashinaga African Initiative) Scholar from Niger. He shares valuable insights into his four year AAI Journey and the Impact of Ashinaga on his personal and professional development.

Imran’s journey with Ashinaga started in 2018. After completing his preparation year, he moved to Japan to study International Relations at Waseda University. His undergraduate experience began with excitement and uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which brought unexpected challenges. However, with resilience and support from Ashinaga’s support system, he successfully navigated through difficult times and completed his undergraduate degree.

Imran’s time at Waseda University, a prestigious institution in Japan, was a crucial academic journey. The university’s valuable networking opportunities allowed him to connect with experts and peers, greatly influencing his post-graduate plans. With internships, workshops, and support from the Professional Development Team (PND), he honed his professional skills and prepared for his future career.

Imran’s leadership journey has been full of growth. Through the study and preparation camp as well as the Tsudoi, Imran came to understand the importance of putting his time and skills to the service of his community. He understands that leadership is about positively impacting and empowering those around him.

Imran is on a mission to make a positive impact even while he is still abroad. As the only AAI Scholar from Niger for several years, he has been helping students from his home country and Burkina Faso with their scholarship and university applications. He mentors them, shares opportunities, and holds sessions and webinars to inspire young African students to unleash their potential.

Looking into the future, Imran has exciting plans! He will continue his education through the ERASMUS program at the University of Lille, where he’ll research climate-induced migration in the Sahel region, aligning with his Kokorozashi. He hopes to become a leading expert in migration to create policies, systems, and solutions that can help the Sahel region manage its refugee crisis.

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