3. Meet the Scholars: Alfredo Muenecongo

Meet the Scholars: Alfredo Muenecongo

Born and raised in the central highlands of Angola at the end of the civil war, Alfredo Muenecongo learned from the early stages of his life to be determined and resilient. His inclination to books has made him an outstanding student who spent most of his time on school and domestic affairs.

Following his father’s advice, he started studying English. He fell in love with the language, having reached the advanced level early in school and envisioning the unlimited possibilities that such skill could provide him. His strong interest in understanding the workflow of the world economy and the local business environment led him to enroll in the local High School of Business and Management, graduating among the top five students in 2016.

Muenecongo’s academic performance and ability to speak English yielded him his first job as an English teacher in a local private school in 2017. In the same year, he applied for the Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI), reaching the final phase of the program’s competitive selection process.

In 2019 he was accepted into Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo, Brazil, to pursue an undergraduate degree through the AAI majoring in Business Administration and started his journey in the Mackenzie Finance League to enhance his knowledge of the Brazilian Financial & Capital Market.

All AAI Scholars are expected to work towards their Kokorozashi – a Japanese word for a life goal, heartfelt desire, and what they want to do to pay forward to their respective communities. His Kokorozashi is to help local small businesses improve their processes, services, and products. As such, he began to apply for internships and was accepted into major financial institutions to explore career options, acquire relevant professional experience, and expand his networking in the industry. In 2021, amid the uncertainty due to the ongoing pandemic, he partnered with his young fellow compatriots to open a company that aims to provide accounting, Tax and Financial consulting and advisory for small businesses’ sustainable growth and development in his hometown – Huambo (Angola). The Company has been operating for over a year and has significantly helped many local businesses.

The quote that most motivates Muenecongo is “Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you will always be able to see farther” by Zig Ziglar. As a young student pursuing a career in the Investment Banking sector, Muenecongo has already started to walk his path with the support of Black Finance – a D&I Initiative that aims to provide Corporate Finance training to black youth interested in the industry. His commitment, determination, and the strong network he has been building are constantly pushing him forward to keep on and never give up.

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