3. Rose Rising Above Adversity

Rose Rising Above Adversity

Uganda 2023.07.14

In Uganda, a remarkable young woman named Rose defies the odds and shines as a gleam of hope. As a beneficiary of Ashinaga’s Terakoya and Care Program, Rose’s journey of resilience and empowerment captivates the imagination and reminds us of the transformative power of education.

Rose’s story is one of determination. With a dream to become a doctor, she is driven by the memory of her parents, who tragically lost their lives in a hospital. Their story fuels her desire to bring healing and compassion to those in need. “I have always wanted to be a doctor,” Rose shares with unwavering determination. “The story of my parents drives me to pursue this dream and make a difference.”

Rose excels academically, focusing on science subjects and achieving impressive grades that reflect her unwavering commitment. But her journey extends far beyond the classroom. At Alliance, her educational institution, she discovered a nurturing environment that fosters growth and support. Surrounded by teachers and friends who genuinely care, Rose’s experience has been transformative. “We are treated well and have the freedom to communicate openly with our teachers and headteacher whenever we face challenges,” she shares.

Rose’s character truly blossoms through the Ashinaga Foundation’s Terakoya program. Rose finds joy in personal growth and camaraderie in this disciplined and supportive environment. “Terakoya has taught me the importance of self-esteem, self-control, and confidence,” she explains. “I have been given opportunities to speak publicly within our community and the world.”

The emotional and psychosocial support provided by Terakoya has had a profound impact on Rose’s well-being. “Terakoya has helped many people, especially those suffering from food insecurity. Through their care programs, we are taught self-assertiveness and receive counseling and support from the Ashinaga team. This has positively influenced my emotional health, mental well-being, and self-esteem.”

But Rose’s journey was not without challenges. After losing her parents early on, she could not attend school due to financial constraints. However, through the intervention of her aunt and Ashinaga’s help, Rose was allowed to pursue her education once again. “Life growing up with my aunt was positive,” she recalls. “She instilled in me the values of discipline and integrity, emphasizing the importance of education and its potential for a brighter future.”

Being a part of Ashinaga has provided Rose with a sense of belonging and support. “I have met incredible individuals who have been supportive throughout my journey,” she expresses with gratitude. Ashinaga’s support has motivated Rose to work diligently towards her goals, with the intention of one day giving back and helping other disadvantaged individuals receive educational opportunities.

Rose’s dreams know no bounds. In Form 4, she aspires to specialize in BCM/ICT, merging her passion for technology with her desire to improve healthcare outcomes. With aspirations to study at esteemed institutions like Makerere University, locally or even internationally, at West College in the USA or Japan, Rose’s determination and drive inspires us all. Rose is determined to become a surgeon and to work towards making quality health care accessible to her community in Nansana and Uganda at large. 

Rose’s story is about the power of resilience, the transformative impact of education, and the unwavering support provided by organizations like the Ashinaga Foundation. As we celebrate her achievements and share in her dreams, let us continue to support and champion the foundation’s mission. Together, we can empower more young individuals like Rose to rise above adversity, unleash their potential, and make a lasting impact on the world.

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