3. Ashinaga Brazil and Djassi Africa Sign a Parnership for a New Mentorship Program

Ashinaga Brazil and Djassi Africa Sign a Parnership for a New Mentorship Program

Brazil 2021.10.07

In August 2021, Ashinaga Brazil and Djassi Africa signed a Memorandum of Understanding an agreement to provide entrepreneurial mentorship to Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI) scholars in Brazil.

As a venture builder focusing on African innovators, Djassi Africa will use their expertise to mentor projects and ideas developed by young leaders from Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, and São Tomé and Príncipe, who are currently completing university in Brazil as AAI scholars.

Through this strategic partnership, Ashinaga Brasil and Djassi Africa hope to leverage AAI scholars’ entrepreneurial mindset and contribute to the scholars’ personal development.

The mentorship sessions for AAI scholars will begin in the coming months and will be held regularly throughout the year.


Left: Andrew Castro (Director, Ashinaga Brazil)

Right: Fernando Cabral (Chief Venture Growth, Djassi Africa)


DJASSI AFRICA Djassi Africa, powered by FS-360, is a venture builder investing in digital-enabled innovation and impact-driven entrepreneurship with the potential to accelerate Africa’s transformation. Djassi Africa’s mission is to empower African innovators and entrepreneurs through world-class capacity building, develop tech-enabled startups and scalable business models, provide access to funding, and enable global and local ecosystems to support Africa’s innovation.

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