3. 2023 AAI Tsudoiー H.E Ambassador Tophace Kaahwa on Leadership and Impact

2023 AAI Tsudoiー H.E Ambassador Tophace Kaahwa on Leadership and Impact

Featured News 2023.03.17

H.E Ambassador Tophace Kaahwa, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Uganda to Japan, recently delivered a keynote speech at the AAI Tsudoi Camp in Japan. The AAI scholars were inspired by her message of instrumental leadership and the potential for individuals to effect change in their communities and countries.

Ambassador Kaahwa is an accomplished educationalist and former member of parliament who holds a Master of Education in Administration and Planning from Uganda Christian University. In her speech, she emphasized the importance of AAI scholars as individuals who have the power to bring about change. She encouraged them to develop meaningful connections with their peers and to make self-evaluation a regular practice to identify areas for growth and improvement.

The Ambassador stressed the significance of knowledge and the search for it as an endless venture that yields power. She recognized the value of diversity and cultural differences, urging listeners to appreciate and learn from others. Finally, she challenged AAI scholars to consider how they could impact their home, community, and country, encouraging them to acquire the necessary skills to become better change agents and to think innovatively.

Ambassador Kaahwa also highlighted the importance of good leadership, stating that it lies in humble beginnings and the power of passionate young leaders coming together as a network to create the change they hope to see. She emphasized that every individual is a person of change, and by changing a group, they could change a village, a country, a continent, and the whole world.

The Ambassador’s speech was a timely reminder of leaders’ crucial role in shaping the future. She encouraged AAI scholars to take leadership roles and leverage their academic knowledge to drive positive change in their communities and countries.

In closing, Ambassador Kaahwa expressed her gratitude to Ashinaga and its work to empower young African students to work towards achieving their goals. She also thanked the AAI scholars for their commitment to academic excellence and encouraged them to contribute positively to their communities and countries. Finally, she expressed her appreciation for the investment of Tamai Kaicho and donors in African youth and the support of Uganda’s leadership team and parents in raising orphans.

Ambassador Kaahwa’s keynote speech at the Tsudoi student camp was an inspiring call to action for AAI scholars to embrace leadership, seek knowledge, and work toward positive change in their communities and countries. It was a reminder that leadership is not only about achieving personal success but also about making a difference in the lives of others. As AAI scholars continue their academic journeys, they will undoubtedly keep Ambassador Kaahwa’s words close to their hearts and strive to be the change they want to see in the world.

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